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A multi-sensory approach to travel, designed to create optimized & invigorating experiences, leaving a positive, long-lasting & unforgettable footprint on you to help your growth and development long after you leave us.

Fitrip was founded on the premise that making travel plans should not only be easy and exciting but also rewarding and transformational. Based on the magical & deeply cultural island of Bali, we specialize in providing each customer with a wide array of travel & nature experiences that have been finely tuned for each individual or party. By reconnecting our clients with nature, our ethos is based around a combination of activity & wellness to invigorate the soul with a detailed and carefully thought approach for those who are traveling, retreating or on vacation. Committed to service and excellence, let us take care of all the details so you can start to enjoy your trip long before you even arrive. Get in touch to learn more.


"It all started when I began barefoot beach running in Goa. I had always been passionate about traveling and fitness and felt that whenever I went away, it was hard to maintain the balance between the two. When I was active, That's when I felt most alive and so, when I discovered how little this approach was available in the travel industry, I realised we should offer something a little different to what's already been done."  Aslam - Founder


At the core of our company, we believe in creating close ties with each customer to best understand their travel needs and preferences. Once we understand that, we tailor unique experiences for them, calling upon our deep knowledge of the island to create a lasting and often, life-changing time for our clients. If you're interested to learn more, give us a call and start your journey today!

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Check Out What People Are Saying About Us

Wow! What an incredible, grounding experience we all had. Fitrip is great for all ages. From my 78-year-old mom who went paragliding for the first time in her life to my 8 year old who learned how to paddleboard, standing though a mangrove, all in one day. We went to surreal locations tailored to our needs and wants. The experiences were full of laughter and motivation to remain active while you are having a great time. I strongly recommend Fitrip to anyone that knows what they want to do and to all of those who have no idea because you can count on Fitrip to find an adventure fit for you. Until next time Fitrip! Peaceful

Ella from USA

"This is exactly what you need if you're looking to escape and decompress. It made me stronger mentally and physically by doing things I've never done before. Expect the unexpected with Fitrip. The places you visit are definitely a treat to sore eyes and the exercise element in every activity you do is absolutely invigorating. You take back home many new skills that you'll be thankful for. Thank you, Fitrip!"

Tanvi from India

My trip to Bali could not have been any better thanks to Fitrip! This was a trip of a lifetime for me as it was my first time traveling on my own. Aslam genuinely wanted to make sure that I was happy with my travel plans. Fitrip never missed a single detail for planning my adventure. When I told him my interests were food, culture, and journeying into the countryside of Bali to see so many more things that the typical tourist doesn’t see, he hit all the marks! I cannot thank him enough for making this such a memorable trip from start to finish!

If you ever visit Bali, let Fitrip organize your trip. I would definitely recommend it!!

Feliz from UK


Our expertise allows us to find the most suitable arrangements for our clients depending on their personal needs and requirements. Exclusive specials and customizable packages are available thanks to our specific knowledge of how things operate locally and with the partnerships we’ve made, we ensure a 5* star service is achieved all along the way. Check out the activities and give us a call when you’re ready to book.

person riding on bicycle during daytime_edited.jpg


Ready to fly? Get ready to create unforgettable memories when you rise above magical clifftops, turquoise waters all whilst you experience the soaring sensation of a bird!


Open your lungs and ride through majestic views of the famous Balinese rice terraces and serene lakes to enjoy a breathtaking experience.


With so many reefs and an abundance of underwater sea life, take the snorkel and flippers and see the magic beneath the surface at locations revered as some of the best in the world.


Treat yourself to one-of-a-kind adventures you’ll never forget. Climb down the cliffs to secret beach spots or test your mettle scaling to the top of the island for sunrise volcano treks. Going up or down, you'll be sure to feel amazing with the magical destinations you reach.

Image by Pascal van de Vendel


Are you ready to brave the waves? There's no better feeling when you catch a wave on a typical Bali sunset. This is a must try, if you want 'THAT' authentic island experience. Surfs up!


Not all experiences need to be an adrenaline rush. If you want a day of calm and tranquility whilst exploring what nature has to offer, come join us for kayaking the pristine blue waters and golden sands of Bali.


The river is calling you! See nature at it's finest. In the depths of the Balinese jungles, raft the white waters to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience. It's fitness at its most fun!


How deep are you willing to go? We partner with the most established and trusted dive schools in Bali, to ensure you have a stunning underwater adventure.

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